BUILT 2.0…new and improved!

Use all supplements safely, following the suggestions by the manufacturer  and supplements advisor.   PSI wants all of our customers to achieve their result while maximizing their health and GAINZ). CUSTOMER SAFETY FIRST!


Athletic Fit to Champion Physique BUILT

QAADIR MAJEED  IFBB Pro Men’sysique. Qaadir is now working with other athletes to prep them for NPC and National Level status. Qaadir  used PSI products to push his Championship Physique to Pro Status

BUILT  3.0 –  (Dimeazine 10 mg/Methastenazine 5 mg) new and improved!

  • Dry gains Lean Gains
  • Increased DENSITY
  • Increased SIZE
  • Increased STRENGTH
  • use an On Cycle Support to maximize your health and results
  • 2 caps a day everyday for 30 days (60 caps)
  • Space your caps 8-10 hours apart
  • Preferably take caps with meals or with a protein shake or open 1 cap and mix BUILT 2.0 in your pre workout for an effective transport.
  • 12lbs to 15lbs of lean gains.
  • train with intelligent intensity
  • This stack will  last a total of 30 days.
  • Keep accurate records of weight and bodyfat before using this stack and when you finish.
  • FOLLOW UP WITH REBUILT. Take 2 capsules of REBUILT with last meal of the day.
    • REBUILT 3.0 as On Cycle Support , what u can expect-
    • -MOST POTENT PCT WE HAVE EVER CREATED!-Very potent anti-e, AI properties, increase and stabilze natural testoterone levels, controls estrogen. lowers cotisol and estrogen as stress is detected by your body’s natural feedback system. promotes more muscle gains,INCREASED LIBIDO while on cycle, muscle hardness and definition, combats depressiondue to increased training stress, improoves sleep, keeps liver healthy

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