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Team PSI promises the best muscle building supplements on the net. Team PSI provides the latest information on safety and results for our product use. PSI presents new products with familiar names:

Built 2.0 Dimazine/Methazine

Titan 2.0 Epiazine

Kaos 2.0 Alphazine

Ares X 2.0 Quadrazine

Hercules 2.0 Trenazine

Solidify 2.0 the best OTC On Cycle Support

Rebuilt 2.0  the best in PCT available

Use all supplements safely, following the suggestions by the manufacturer  and supplements advisor. Follow the appropriate nutrition guidelines for the best results. If you are not sure about proper programmimg for your fitness goals, email PSI’s Resident Nutrition and Training Expert, The Mad Scientist (dubbed the Mad Scientist by his peers and athletes ) for a complimentary nutrition and training assessment.


Mike Kamaka

AWI-CPT/Master Level

ASSI- Biomechanics/Human Performance/Sports Nutrition

IACFPT per NASM CPT/Advanced Kinetics


TRX-Lvl 2

PurMotion Lvl 1

8yrs NPC Bodybuilder Middleweight class

24 years of training experience

24 years of nutrition coaching and programming